The Many Sides of Reggaeton

Published: 26th July 2008
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Reggaeton is a style of music which began during the early 1980's with a few pioneering artists. However, it was not until the 1990's that the Reggaeton style took root and from that time onward it has continued to grow in popularity and flourish. Currently there are dozens of known Reggaeton artists and the number continues to grow.

Reggaeton is Spanish music which draws it's influence mainly from Jamaican Reggae music; as the name 'Reggae'ton suggests. Reggaeton instrumentals are a fusion of Reggae and Spanish music. Reggaeton has masterfully blended Spanish music and Reggae music to create a unique sound. The influence of Hip Hop and Rap can also be seen and heard in Reggaeton music. Despite the heavy influences of Jamaican Reggae and American Rap/Hip Hop (both of which are overwhelmingly sung in English), Reggaeton's lyrical content is most frequently delivered in Spanish.

Within the genre of Reggaeton, the style of musical delivery and also the rhythm patterns vary greatly. As mentioned earlier, Reggaeton is heavily influenced by Reggae music, Spanish music and also by American Rap music. These multiple multiple musical influences on the genre can be seen in the fact that some Reggaeton artists' style could most accurately be described as Rap whereas other artists' style could be described as most closely resembling Reggae. And, of course, there are those artists whose style incorporates elements of both Rap, and Reggae. However, the most constant element in Reggaeton music is the influence of Spanish; whether it's the predominant use of Spanish in the lyrics or the ever-present sound of Spanish rhythms and percussion instruments in Reggaeton. Visit to learn Spanish and better understand what Reggaeton artists are saying.

The vast majority of Reggaeton artists are from Latin America (including the Caribbean). Their fans however can be found world wide. If you type the term 'Reggaeton' into any major search engine you'll see how popular Reggaeton music has become. Reggaeton is popular among both male and female audiences. This is due to the fact that the music deals with a variety of topics that appeal to a wide audience. Some artists choose to deliver a socially conscious message, while others concentrate on up tempo messages aimed at party goers. All in all, artists experiment and use their creative licenses to come up with material to sing about.

The vast majority of Reggaeton artists are male, but there are a few female artists who have had (and are having) some success in Reggaeton.

Reggaeton continues to grow, evolve and change as a musical art form. New artists pop up frequently, and competition and creativity continue to drive the music. As long as there is an audience for it, Reggaeton will continue to grow and flourish.

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